12 Simple FREEZER MEALS For Instant Pot or Slow Cooker


You guys Loved our Freezer foods a number of weeks ago, so we thought we would share a several much more with you! These can do the job both of those in the Fast Pot and the Slow cooker! If you are a novice or you have been cooking for awhile, these Freezer foods are Best for Every person!

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Please know that with these main dishes, we like to serve them with at minimum 1 side of greens.

Uncover my 15 Freezer Meals listed here:

Now if you really don’t want to make them into freezer meals, you can just dump them in your Immediate Pot or your slow cooker and prepare dinner them appropriate then.

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  1. dawn keatley

    If you add a little coke into the taco sauce after you pour it in your bag and shake it up you can get more out of the taco sauce

  2. jessica Giaccone

    Going to let you know about the bags.. if you don’t have the holder or a pitcher, just role down the top of the bag all the way around like the zipper/sealer part and it will hold itself open! 😉 (learned that from my mom) I love watching and learning new recipes from y’all!! We are actually making some this week for a friend who is sick so she can have some in her freezer! Got the idea from you! Thank you!

  3. Toni S

    Does the cooking time change if you have to defrost it first…to fit it in the pot?

  4. Debbie S

    I'm not freezing some meals so what would be the time if meals are not frozen

  5. Terry Pogue

    What brand salsa are you using please?

  6. Cyndy Rosenberger

    I also do the sweet pork. I have done root beer, along with the dr.Pepper. I have also done angry orchard hard cider and I add some apple butter (something to add more apple flavor)

  7. Coecoebrown

    1 word: gyroscope

  8. Susan Blair

    Your titles are misleading! I wish that I would have been able to watch 12 recipes instead of 4 repeated for 3 families.

  9. Pamela Price Kosta

    Who ever has the camera please stand still

  10. Gamegirl

    I love these! I need more content lol

  11. Melanie Bissell

    suggestion, try reusable bags. I started using them not that long ago they work great… got them off Amazon

  12. Valerie Kuhn

    You're moving to Sacramento? Lot different from TX or UT. Got to 111 degrees this Summer. If you need an LDS realtor I can find you one.

  13. bobbywauneka

    Okay you all need to do a short video on cooking one of your bags… Jus go through the process 🤣

  14. nurseshedevil

    When the bag spilled… The ingredients formed a heart💓

  15. Stephany Espinoza

    love the ideas but I feel like in watching kids put milk in a cereal bowl….🧐 a bit distracting

  16. Agueda Ruiz Saldivar

    10/10 would recommend. do7.pl/instant I would get the lower model in retrospect though. I have yet to use a premade timer.

  17. Jason Hernandez

    This food was terrible! Cooked all these recipes and they were awful! Thumbs down forever. Only use if your family likes canned dog food. So mad I spent money on this food!!!!!

  18. Christina Stracquodaine

    I really want to see a picture or brief video shot of what they look like cooked!

    Also… Do you need a whole chest freezer just to hold all of this? I feel like 15 gallon bags will overflow most freezers.

  19. Tracey CT

    Do we quick release the IP or natural release?

  20. Cherry Downs

    diet coke is poison. Aspartame aka acesulfame is one of the most toxic things you can put in your body. Not in my pork!!!

  21. Danielle Wong

    What size instant pot would these freezer bag meals be for?

  22. Erin Tingle

    Hi! I love all your cooking videos!
    The little clear glass cups you guys use, where did you get them?

  23. Melisa Billows

    The grape jelly and chili sauce with little smokies and kielbasa is good also

  24. Sheri Zuech

    If you Blanche the potatoes first they won't look discolored from the oxygen getting to them.

  25. Eu Sei

    The camera moving up and down it terrible.

  26. tara norris

    for the pot roast you can blanch the potatoes and they wont turn brown. love the ideas thank you

  27. GuardMomma D

    I use 1 can of cranberry sauce instead of grape jelly. Delicious! Give it a try.

  28. Joy Full

    Just found your videos and I love them! I have been watching a few other videos and I came across yours and you are my favorites!

  29. Life and Beauty By S

    You can cook the food inside the plastic bag in the instant pot or crock pot? You don’t have to take it out of the bag?

  30. pukwudjivc

    I'd add an onion and bell pepper in the sweet & tangy meatballs.

  31. Connie G

    I feel like I'm on a moving ship needing dramamine trying to watch you. Hold the camera still! Couldn't watch….too bad

  32. Angelica H

    Instead of the grape jelly with the meatballs you can actually use a can of jellied ocean spray cranberry sauce. It tastes better. Also try it with Turkey meatballs. So good!

  33. Heather Squibb

    You used 3lbs roast but recipe calls for 6-8lb. With the same sugar, cola, and sauce ratio. Should I double the recipe?

  34. Maria Montes

    Too much artificial.
    Too much sugar on.
    We have kids.
    Is terrible we don't give them that much sugar.

    Can make all that.
    That's the worst GMO

  35. Donna Barata

    Do you actually cook the freezer meal in the ziplock bag, or do you pour it in the insta pot or crockpot? Thank you enjoy your videos❤

  36. Lindra Scott

    You need to stop the music you have going in the background. It's distracting and unnecessary. Love your meals though.

  37. Mary Elizabeth

    Whoa, motion sickness. Slow down the camera. Please.

  38. Judy Robertson

    Love your videos. This one really made me laugh. I have the same Rubbermaid pitcher but it's in Harvest Gold!! Yes it's that old, from the 70's. Lost the top but the pitcher is still truckin'.

  39. Shanee P.

    Are you cooking these frozen or thawed for the slow cooker?

  40. kimberly block

    Love the video…except the horrific background 'music/noise'. please stop.


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