3 EASY Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes! Dump and Go for Beginners!


I’m a Huge fan of the dump and go Instant Pot recipes! These are my 3 Dump and Go Breakfast recipes and I just have to explain to you, they are mouth watering! The least difficult a single I have produced so far is the Oatmeal! Be confident to remain until the finish so you can see my Uncomplicated Oatmeal fantastic for novices!

Be positive to verify out Vanessa’s Instantaneous Pot Breakfast Recipes from The Lemonade Mother:

My recipes are:
Instantaneous Pot Oatmeal
Fast Pot German Pancakes
and Instant Pot Banana French Toast

Test out my 9 Quick Pot DON’TS if you are a rookie to Prompt Pot cooking!

See our other Instantaneous Pot Recipes:

Just remember when making use of the Instantaneous Pot, it takes 10-20 minutes to pressurize!

Be sure to give me a thumbs up and comment if you would like much more Quick pot recipes or recommendations and methods with the Quick Pot!

This is the Quick Pot I have (of course it is the less expensive just one and I really like it!):

Come across the pans I utilised in this recipe here:

If you are cooking for 1-2 folks I would suggest the 3 Quart. If you are cooking for more, I would advise the 6 quart!

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  1. Hillary Hedglen

    Awe! Your baby is in feet jammies 💕 never apologize for your precious little ones !

  2. mrjoshuamsd

    I despise "liking and subscribing". However, you guys have absolutely shaped my Instant Pot life! One subscribe coming up

  3. Crystal C


  4. GetBusyLivingOrGetBusyDying Live Life

    Love following your channel. Thank you

  5. Lili Doucet

    I find that 25 min. is a long time to cook pancakes.

  6. Katherine Thompson

    Can you make that sugar free?

  7. Scott Harthorne

    The German pancakes were awful. Tasted like just bland rubbery eggs! Followed the instructions to a T. We just couldn’t eat these.

  8. Linda Jurgens

    MMMMM Oatmeal I love it

  9. recxx58

    Since you have over 300 comments and this question has probably already been answered…and l have a fancier IP than you…l still would like to know if you usually do all your baking on low pressure and what other more custom settings like cake, steam, etc will work as well and if high pressure is used instead how much difference in the baking will it make…or can you just vary the time to make it come out right…also do you think that purchasing the IP air fryer top is a worthy investment and will it work fairly equal to standard air fryer only units !

  10. Katherine Thompson

    Can you make breakfast tacos in an instant pot?

  11. Laurel Townley

    Maybe it wasn’t you but I thought someone said not to use dairy in your pot bc it tends to curdle?
    All these recipes sound divine.

  12. Cary Andrews

    Love your channel! I have some questions about your french bread banana breakfast. 1. Do you use half a loaf for each layer? 2. Does it need to be covered when cooking? 3. Where did you get your stacking pans? Thanks!

  13. Chitown Mike

    I thought German pancakes had apples in them. Can you add them to the recipe?

  14. Heather Sturgeon

    Love your channel. I've been watching for a month now. You make it easy for me enjoy my new instant pot. Everything's been delicious.

  15. 654Bearcub

    Hello Six Sisters, @ Kristen, Good morning I was wondering if by chance if you have any Keto recipes for the Instant Pot, I have a Duo Nova IP, Thank you

  16. Granny Rsh

    Love these recipes. Going to order those pans. Thanks! I recently bought a 3 quart instant pot for my Rv. I’m looking for recipes for that if you have any.

  17. Rick Contreras

    Thank You for all your help
    My Kids love your Ideas Dump and Go

  18. Paula Hatt

    Hello, and thank you for all your videos-I have learned to use my IP from viewing them. But, this oatmeal stumps me. As I usually do, I followed your instructions but got my first burn notice (first in a year of use) using the 1c to 2 1/2 c of water. Tried someone else’s recipe (1 c to 2c) but with plenty of apple, got the burn. I don’t like watery oats so I’m reluctant to try a 1 to 3 c ratio. And all of this done on low heat. So, my question is, how much does altitude affect recipes. I’m in Florida near the coast.

  19. Lisa C

    Just like the german pancakes, I think I saw her use the manual setting for 25 min cooking chicken in a different vid. I would think eggy German pancakes would cook much faster than chicken. Does it generally 25 min for something like this to cook? (I don’t have an Instant Pot yet.)

  20. Tommy Adams

    For the German pancakes do you need to use self rising flour?


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