Baked Eggs and Avocados


Who hasn’t seen this image on Pinterest? You can look at and see how I make all those baked eggs and avocados.

Following up on, I am heading to present you how to bake eggs and
avocados. Who has not viewed this pretty picture on Pinterest of this beautiful
avocado and eggs baked alongside one another? I am likely to display you how to do that this

I have form of gotten commenced right here with a few. The first detail you want to
do is go ahead and slice that avocado in 50 percent. I am just using a extravagant
very little software right here. You can use a knife they work really, actually well.
You’re heading to split this open, and you are heading to just take out the pit out
of the avocado.

The photo won’t display you that if you pour a huge egg into the location
in which the avocado was, that the egg is heading to run all more than. The initial
issue we need to have to do is we require to flatten out the avocado so it’s going to lie great
and flat. Then you need to scoop some of this out, due to the fact all over again, if you
use a big or extra-significant egg, it is going to overflow. Possibly if you
want to make a total bunch of these for firm, invest in some smaller eggs and
use these due to the fact all those would possibly operate better.

We’re likely to scoop this out, and the next factor we’re heading to do is
we’re heading to take a sheet of aluminum foil in this article, and we’re likely to make
a very little basket for the avocado and the egg, simply because some of the egg might
operate more than. This will actually enable with that.

Just repeat right up until you have all of them that you want performed. Now you are
merely likely to crack an egg and set it into a single of the avocado halves.
It can be really, really simple to do. You see, you just drop it in there, just like
that. When you get them all in there, let’s go forward and period these up. I
place a small little bit of salt and a minimal bit of black pepper on right here. I have a
mystery component it is really genuinely not solution. I am heading to set a little bit
of smoked paprika on the top rated. It provides a great minimal little bit of coloration and a
minimal little bit of warmth.

The subsequent matter occurs is these go in a 350 diploma oven for about 20 or so
minutes. Based upon how challenging you like the yolk is how prolonged you are going
to cook them. I topped mine with just a small bit of crispy bacon. I’m
going to go ahead and get a bite of this.

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  1. Jennifer Hicks

    This video was extremely wasteful. Good for you for trying but all that foil is wasteful… just wash your dishes 🤷‍♀️

  2. M Rad

    Looks good; I would use smaller eggs and keep more avocado

  3. Bob Abooey

    Where can I get an avocado for less than a dollar??

  4. 燕飞儿

    Looks so messy

  5. Sabrina Mitchell

    I thought I made up this recipe 7 years ago 😂

  6. ⦓ƬƇ⦔ηαмєlєѕѕ

    Gordon Ramsay can't relate.

  7. Tajae Robb

    This looks super delicious and mouthwatering omg. Wish i was the tester.

  8. Lad Duncan

    I’d use quail eggs then no need to scoop out the goodness

  9. Aleksandr Omelchenko

    Oh my God, you cook avocados with a paper label, it's awful. Look at 0:52

  10. Eddie Beetie

    I would think of you're using foil you don't have to slice the back of the avocado

  11. ®️☔️LOYALTY 👸🏽TOYA 💋BEAUTY 💯

    I’m cooking this tomorrow for dinner

  12. je 2021

    why cut bottom if your wrapping with foil duh

  13. Lotus

    Just put an egg in a mug and a little water for 1 minute and then put it on top of sliced avocado, same flavor no skin to deal with.

  14. Michael Haas

    Take the freakin sticker off the avocado.

  15. G Unit

    Use a spoon!!!

  16. YouTubeName

    She looks like she’s eaten a few too many of these.

  17. dennis bancayrin

    i tried this today. why did my avocado turned bitter? the egg was fine but the avocado taste awful. what did I did wrong?

  18. Greg Brunson

    Avocado can be added to hot items, but it should never be heated.

  19. R J

    Comes down to the seasoning. I treated my avacado like a twice baked potato…. scooped it out add seasoning and put it back in the shell. Also seasoned the eggs and stirred. it a bit to break the yolk. Eggs and avacado don’t have strong flavors in their own…….. they need help.

  20. Lucas Cady

    Quail eggs work perfect!

  21. Citlalie


  22. Roosevelt Stafford Jr


  23. Nizmi Arkan

    Well, it look interesting,but i never tried it. How does it taste like?? :0

  24. Fiordalina Rodriguez

    Good food. I'm love avocado god bless you

  25. hteasttowest

    Dont cook avocados.

  26. Jackson


  27. Anusha Korada

    I like the way of making the recipe.. looking so delicious… Can't wait to try this out

  28. R k

    Eggs cooked in avacoda skin should be the title

  29. ImageOf Janet Jackson

    Thank you so much 😊

  30. Kira Sutton

    i had a bagle with avacado poached egg and tomato on top it as really good!!!! trying to eat healthy again

  31. Don Hartman

    Poor audio

  32. TheHitmanuk1

    Foil is very important for your wellbeing. Ignore all the research by non government bodies!

  33. John Forsyth

    great video…. can't stand her
    voice though…makes it un watchable

  34. Lavenderrose73

    Dang, that looks awesome!


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