Chicken Parm Low Carb Keto (Ketogenic) Recipe


This Chicken Parmesan RECIPE is incredible tasting and wonderful for these on a Small Carb Diet plan | Ketogenic Diet (keto). Even for diabetics! Thank you for watching, from my coronary heart to yours.
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Prepared recipe:
-4 lbs. —boneless skinless chicken breasts
-3 eggs —beaten
-2 cups —grated parmesan
-1 Tbsp —garlic powder
-1 Tbsp —italian seasoning
-1 Tbsp —Parsley
-1/2 cup —Almond Flour
-1 teaspoon —Pink Himalayan salt
-8 ounces — Mozzarella — shredded
-2 bottles of your preference of a Reduced carb spaghetti sauce— I use Classico’s Florentine Spinach &
Cheese***or*** you can use diced tomatoes as an alternative. Up to you. On the other hand, these macros are for the
sauce I made use of.

1. Filet the chicken breasts. I like to reduce off the excessive body fat that I see. — Then set apart.
2. Beat the eggs and pour them into a shallow dish.
3. In a independent shallow dish, incorporate the adhering to: parmesan, garlic powder, Himalayan salt, parsley, almond flour, and Italian seasoning. Combine effectively.
4. Now it is time to give the chicken an egg tub.
5. Future, dip it into the breading combination. — This is a light breading mixture. If you want it any thicker return it to the egg bathtub and then dip it again into the breading combination. It’s that basic!
6. The future action is to fry the chicken until finally it is browned on equally sides. Generally about 3-5 minutes on every facet.
7. When the chicken is cooking, pour your spaghetti sauce into a baking dish. Make positive it is a deep one particular as you are likely to bake the chicken with the cheese and the sauce.
8. Increase the cooked chicken to the sauce and sprinkle mozzarella on prime.
9. Bake at 350*F for 20-30 minutes or until finally chicken is cooked to a temperature of 165*F.

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  1. DeeDee

    Tried your recipe last night & everyone loved it. The others never even knew it was Keto 🙂

  2. Ale Carneiro

    Made this today for lunch. This recipe is not good, is AWESOME! Husband loved it! The chicken was really juicy and the flavors were just delicious. Thank you!

  3. Father Leo

    Beautiful. I'm adding this to my playlist of keto recipes!

  4. Laura Mynard

    Where can I get the sauce recipe please

  5. MegaDreamer1991

    What sauce is it? Just regular pasta sauce?

  6. Hali Burton

    Thanks for make the recipe only available by buying your damn book….ashat!

  7. ADiosChicago

    I added ricotta cheese with basil, salt, black pepper and one egg. I placed the ricotta mixture on top of breast 20-15 before finishing cook time and added mozzarella on top. I did place tomato sauce on the bottom during cooking and some on top of the ricotta mixture and cheese. Ooo…. you could even do a stuffed breast with the ricotta mixture 🤔.

  8. Anastasia Walker

    Downvoted for "Written recipe only available in my CookBook on Amazon."

  9. Jayne Clymer

    Just made this and it came out so delish! I had to have seconds hahah

  10. Eric Adams

    If you're not going to post the recipe, don't make a video.

  11. Thomas Brown

    Hey I'm not sure what kind of oil you used for frying, but consider some non-hydrogenated lard instead! Heating up oils can be unhealthy!

  12. Duh Bruhh

    What kind of sauce?

  13. Patty Negrea

    Just about to pop this out of the oven, smells so good! I used coconut flour instead of almond, since it was all I had. Excited to eaaaaat! Thanks for the recipe! 🥰😘

  14. OaHu GrOwN808

    My daughter got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I’m just trying to find other things she could eat with low carbs.

  15. OaHu GrOwN808

    How many carbs though?

  16. Nick Jones

    What sort of a recipe just randomly slings in a "pour in the sauce" from out of nowhere. What makes up the sauce?!

  17. lucy lu


  18. PrettyGirlRockNatural

    This was freaking good!! Thank you

  19. Steven Hansley

    How would this be low carb if you are using that kind of sauce?

  20. Dennique Harrison

    What kind of sauce is used, and what kind of oil did you fry the chicken with?

  21. Geraldine Hirakawa

    Did you make a video for the red sauce?

  22. roblox my name is sanna_07

    Hi! Sorry but what are the ingredients for the sauce or is it available in groceries thanks

  23. Christian Hart

    What are the macros for this?

  24. TheMacocko

    What oil did she fry them in?


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