EASY Shredded Chicken In the Instant Pot | Episode 064


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This shredded chicken recipe is perfect for all those frantic weeknights and weekly lunches. Meal prepping has develop into so typical these days thanks to our active schedules revolving about function, college, little ones and every thing else. Some times, you might not have time to cook dinner a scorching food for your household and you really do not want to go the quickly food stuff route. Make this recipe ahead of time and use it in your most loved recipes such as tacos, tostadas, salads, sandwiches and so much much more!

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  1. Oliver Khoo

    Is instant pot a multi Level marketing product? I’m just curious as every video in YouTube uses the same brand.

  2. Trevor Does Everything

    What does manual mode do? Did you pressure cook it? What?

  3. Jesus Loving Homesteader

    Such a great wife ❤️

  4. Ryan Hofstad

    how much chicken broth did you use ?

  5. David Brandel

    Was that an exact cup of chicken broth that you put in with the three breasts?

  6. Christina Mitchell

    This is my go to recipe I use it alot when doing shredded chick, easy to follow and taste great!👍😉

  7. rj saez

    You are brave touching that hot lol I wince every time I even graze it.

  8. Matt Cope

    Yo this shit good as fuck

  9. Brittney Brooker

    Exactly what I was looking for tonight. Thank you!

  10. XLMRX

    There are no measurements for the recipe?

  11. YBlessed Blessing

    Hopefully it’s not salty but it looks good

  12. Paul R

    I have a refrigerator just like hers, 3 1/2 years I had to have two compressors three icemakers and something else wrong with it. Do not buy that LG fridge

  13. Jose Padilla

    Exactly what I was looking for!! Ty!

  14. hybridtheory55

    I tried this recipe today and it is absolutely delicious! I did slightly modify it though, instead of adding 1 cup of broth, I did 1/2 broth and 1/2 mild taco sauce. Either way it amounts to 1 cup of liquid. I also added some chili powder in the mix to add more spice.

  15. Sunbum808

    Thank you so much! I’m currently a stay at home dad with two kids. This literally saved so much time.

  16. cygnet019

    Good one! How many days does this stay good in the fridge please?

  17. Grace Coburn

    It's really sweet that you meal prep meat dishes for your husband even though won't eat them :')

  18. Mom of - AjYellsVlogs

    What is the purpose/advantage of the trivet? I’ve used instant pot a lot for shredded chicken but never thought to add the trivet. Thank you!

  19. Andres Restrepo Russa

    disappointed by the taco seasoning. on to the next one.

  20. Natalie S

    Its amazing how fast this is — so much quicker then my crockpot!!!


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