Eat Avocados and Eggs for Amazing Hair and Nails


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. . Look at out what consuming avocados and eggs can do for your hair, nails, and skin.

Avocado Recipes:

:08 Avocado oil for hair 
:55 Nutritious fat for healthier hair and nails 
1:15 Avocado benefits for hair, skin, and nails
3:15 Egg added benefits for hair, skin, and nails

These days I want to speak about the gains of avocados and eggs for healthier pores and skin and for healthful hair and nails. I’m not speaking about a topical mixture you would utilize to your hair. Topical mixtures or oils like avocado oil could give you shiny hair, but your hair will not take in any vitamins from it for the reason that your hair is dead protein. 

If you want truly great nutritious hair, wholesome skin, and healthful nails, then you would want to consume healthful fat like avocado and eggs with the yolks. Not use them topically.

Avocados are loaded with carotenoids. Carotenoids are a fat-soluble phytonutrient. For the reason that there is a very good volume of fat in avocados, you’re heading to take up these phytonutrients considerably far better. If you blend avocado and eggs, you will have even better absorption. Consuming eggs and avocados on the keto food plan, while also performing intermittent fasting, can final result in truly awesome hair, nails, and skin. 

Avocado benefits for hair, pores and skin, and nails:

• Energetic vitamin A 
• B5
• B6
• Copper
• Folate
• Vitamin K
• Magnesium 
• Biotin 
• Vitamin E 
• Vitamin C 
• Antioxidant properties 
• Anti-inflammatory properties 
• Monosaturated fat
• Oleic acid — 68%

Egg advantages for hair, pores and skin, and nails:

• Greatest quality protein 
• All nutritional vitamins (other than vitamin C)
• Minerals
• Trace minerals 
• Necessary fatty acids 
• Phospholipids 
• Vitamins A, D, E
• Carotenoids 
• Omega 3 

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If you want really wonderful hair and nails, try consuming avocados and eggs.

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  1. Sreeram Reddy

    I have been eating Avocados 🥑 and eggs 🥚 for quite long, I feel temporarily good for 30 min to 1 hour. But after that it is all normal, high anxiety, body pains, vitamin D deficiency etc.

  2. T McG

    There appears to be a small movement of people advocating against Vitamin A and have developed an entire diet around avoidance. Thoughts?

  3. Michelle Moffett

    Very educational. I have been craving eggs (getting some today) and I eat avocado at least 5 times a week. I love the two together. I used to eat avocado omlettes.

  4. Gnaneshwar Rao

    0:25 : RIP vitamin shampoos which tend to make users think that they are actually nourishing proteins into hair by applying them. Its the consumption of proteins that promote healthy hair. Not mere application. 😀

  5. Rahul Jobanputra

    When i upped my egg intake my dry hair issues went away and my hare became way thicker and curlier.

  6. J C

    If you’re having trouble getting out of bed every morning, eat your dinner a little earlier & a little lighter & get lots of sleep. I’m convinced that nothing gets you out of bed faster than hunger.

    First thing I eat is 2 eggs (over easy w/pink salt, cayenne, & turmeric root powder cooked in ghee) & an avocado drizzled in olive oil. I drink a small glass of orange juice, 1/2 squeezed lemon, & 1 tbs ACV mixed.

    Knowing how healthy/important your breakfast is going to be also motivates you to get out of bed.

  7. jarichards99utube

    Folding some thin slices of avocado into an Omelet makes a GREAT Meal… : )

  8. Pretty Prudent

    Great video, as always, but I believe that hair is VERY much Alive. Hair needs to be more studied.

  9. Paloma Martinez

    What can you eat in replacement, because I’m allergic to eggs and avocados. My nails are Britt and my hair is too thin

  10. Ryan Grace

    Eggcellent video

  11. Teresa Walters

    love that combo as breakfast

  12. Paul Leddy

    onion for hair loss, anyone?

  13. Falcon one

    I eat eggs advocados,black beans and plantains for breakfast 3 times a week

  14. Mirvat Shehadeh

    Are eggs good for cancer patients

  15. johnny sebastian Corona

    yup I remember eating avocado and eggs and my Hair was amazing, going back to the diet again.

  16. Beadybonce

    Forget it. Avis are high in histamine. Histamine equals hives.

  17. Paris De Oliveira

    Dr Berg, you look like you care for your skin with avocados and eggs !

  18. allwrighty100

    I wish I'd watched the video first instead of just reading the title. Took me ages to get the avocado and egg out of my hair and from under my nails.

  19. kas gike

    Man… people jealous of my hair and skin. But when I tell them I eat 2 avocados and 5 eggs every day, their reactions were as if I was telling them I murder babies on daily basis. Stupid people don’t deserve a healthy body.

  20. Fran Melnychyk


  21. Lilliam Vega

    Me gustan sus videos…
    Bendiciones!..De Puerto Rico🇵🇷 Saludos desde New York


    That funny cause I do this everyday. I cook my eggs with avocados and jalapeños and salsa.

  23. Joy Payne

    I love eggs and avocados is delicious

  24. Divya Sasidharan

    RA and egg?

  25. Atu Lasitani

    I love avocados 🥑 I grew up with that my dad had a few trees in our plantion when I was a child
    And eggs is always a part of my diet I add it to my smoothies breakfast aswel.
    I honestly like to mash up an avocado and use it as a face mask besides eating it on toasts, or adding to salads 🥗

  26. -J Dama


  27. Fatima Fatima

    Thanks a lot de. Berg

  28. Sherry blossom

    Putting oil on the actual scalp is good as far as keeping the skin moisturized and not dry.
    Stimulate scalp get the blood flowing and moisturize the scalp for external healthy hair.

  29. chris

    Been eating both eggs and avocados my whole life i have hair every where except my head🙄 balder than a naked mole rat! Haha

  30. Kathryn Willis

    I love all of Dr. Bergs videos. They are very eggciting. I’ have so much energy now thanks to his knowledge, care and time taken to give us what we need to make decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

  31. Tarak Uddin

    Dont forget salmon Dr Berg, that s**ts awesome!

  32. Matt Nobrega

    I love eggs from my head down to my legs.

  33. TheRabidPosum

    Eggs and avocados are heavy. Have that for breakfast you won't need lunch.

  34. Mailee Le

    Thanks you !

  35. Randy S

    My hair grows so fast and thick that even the hairstylists at the salon I use frequently comment about it growing so fast. However, the exception is the very top center and at the crown. Consuming eggs and avocados has not helped at all on the thinning areas just adjacent to the very thick areas.

  36. Brenda Meredith

    Eggcellent video‼️
    Thank you Dr. Berg 🥰

  37. lja000

    What if the eggs are not fertilized? We have 25 hens, and no rooster.

  38. nomebear

    A buddy was big on avocados, and avocado oil and could grown thick, lush hair quickly. He kept it braided, and when it long enough that it reached his waistline he would cut his hair close to the scalp, then donating the braid to a cancer center for wig making. He was of spanish and indigenous heritage.

  39. Bandana S. Singh

    Lol, you said eggs are bad in another video of yours. You said that's where "auto immune " disease started …. what's up with your information?

  40. Nuke Nomad

    🍳 + 🥑

  41. Jacob Duncan

    Dang that looks delicious!

  42. Wanda Moroney

    I love this combo! Great to feed the brain as well!

  43. Chapter 444

    For those who don't know : The completeness of an amino acid profile is actually based on the egg.


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