Full Day of Eating Keto | Brisket in the Instant Pot | Taking down the Christmas tree


At lengthy very last, it is really a different Entire Working day of Consuming vlog! In this installment, I get in a early morning 5K, we take down the Christmas Tree, and then strike a couple of shops for some MEAT, particulary a great 3-lb. brisket, which we cooked in the Quick Pot. The recipe (and corresponding rub) are from I Breathe, I’m Hungry. Be guaranteed to examine out the recipe here:

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I am curating all of my wife’s meals, working with a food plan from my pal Aaron Working day as inspiration. You can look at out his YouTube Channel FatForWeightLoss proper below: as very well as the food strategy I am working with for inspiration:

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  1. Anthony Lopo

    I'm cooking a brisket now in the IP. Five pounds, cut into four pieces, hoping the 60 minutes is enough time. I see a few comments on the recipe page where people suggest using natural release instead of quick release. I've seen that on a few IP recipes for cooking brisket in the IP to use natural release for at least 15 minutes. Just wondering how you felt the brisket came out? It ooked good and seemed like you enjoyed it.

  2. Misty Thompson

    We have a 10 quart instant pot. I'm gonna see if I can find a monster brisket at Costco. Missing my Didi smoked brisket. Wondering if this will live up to southern culture.

  3. CMAX

    Brisket is on the menu for dinner tonight. I was eyeballing this recipe and pleased to see you tried and reviewed it 🙂

  4. William byrd

    No sugar or No sweetener is needed in Brisket. You could eliminate all added carbs from this recipe. Im practicing a keto Diet presently but Im an BBq guy. Salt and and pepper is the only necessary seasoning. Some garlic powder if you are feeling fancy.

  5. Terri DeLeon

    Please continue posting pictures and videos of food! It’s very very helpful 😊

  6. glamified92

    What do you drink while fasting? E.g plain water, salt water, electrolyte powders? Thanks!

  7. mei ling Chan

    I love your interaction of you and your daughter. I can tell she really loves her dad. It's great.

  8. Deb Olsen

    what app are you tracking your fasting with? I am terrible at IF and i want to try it more and be consistent.

  9. Drew's Struggle

    Looks like an amazing meal

  10. Stellaisstriving


  11. Oh Watt Fun!

    I feel such a kinship with you. I have 2 teenaged boys who constantly “can’t even” with me. 🙄 (One has Asperger’s) I also have a younger daughter who is bubbly and actually enjoys spending time with me. I don’t know what I’d do without her! 🤣 Love to your wonderful family. I enjoy your videos so much! Keto On!

  12. Kelli Harrison

    Considering getting a instapot how do you know how any piece of meat goes in for?

  13. Penny Duncan

    Look forward to the total carbs video:)

  14. Leeann N

    I was lol'ing over your son's comments about the picture taking. I recognize that tone of voice well.. I have a 17 year old son in my house. Apparently we know NOTHING. Sheesh!

  15. Debbie Mueller

    4:52 😂😂

    On another note – maybe you should just do a vid called “Full day of keto NOT eating (aka fasting)”.

  16. Denise W

    Looking good, Aaron!

  17. Keto MC

    That brisket looks so awesome! I need to find the recipe for the rub and try it in my instant pot.

  18. James Davis-Ford

    A., How's it going? Upon watching this video I became way too overjoyed that we use the same fasting app. Silly, but I got a kick out of it. I'm looking forward to your video about how you're doing tracking total carbs. I just started tracking carbs similarly.

  19. Albertagirl

    We’re likin’ the real food videos you’ve been putting out lately. We’ve been trying quite a few of the recipes that you link to. They are great!!!! Thankyou 😁

  20. ontheflyvideo

    Been busy and haven't watched your channel for prob about 2 months. You look younger. Can't put my finger on exactly why, but you do. I think tracking total carbs, plus 17/7 or 18/6 might be the reason? What do you think?

  21. Steven Barton

    When cooking meats in the Instant Pot, the "natural release" is the equivalent of letting the roast rest after cooking by conventional methods.

  22. eatfatlivelong 1

    Who does a vlog about a total day of eating when there is no eating? Just kidding Aaron, you're always entertaining, even if your subject matter does not match the title. Who doesn't love a brisket? Especially when it can be in one hour!

  23. watchautumnketo

    You have NO IDEA (or perhaps you have the EXACT idea) of how much anxiety I get trying to remember which corner to point to when planning to insert a card!! LOL. That's 90% of the reason I don't use them! Great stuff, A! My Christmas tree is coming down this weekend!

  24. Fury Smith

    Brisket looked amazing but I’m surprised it’s a quick release; I’ve always been told meats are tough and need a natural release… also, I’m diabetic and Ned to do total carbs and for me, 20 gets difficult!

  25. cemwalker

    Such support from your son… lol. That looked amazing!

  26. debrabo100

    Great video Aaron. We 💜 the food pics! 😜

  27. Jenna Berkel

    I liked the music a lot!!

  28. doreens3

    Thanks for the food pictures Aaron 😉 lol!!

  29. Angela K

    I love brisket so I'll have to give that recipe a try in my new instant pot. Thanks!

  30. Susan M

    Your Macros look like mine

  31. Susan M

    I love to cook & I love pictures of food 💞

  32. Susan M

    Going to" BJ's and meat log" all in the same sentence LOL!
    Instantly took me back to grumpy Old men… Meredith Burgess https://youtu.be/JkKh90kh8W4😂

    This video should be TV-MA …. BJ's meat log, rub…smack it? 😂

    Either way I can smell that seasoning in brisket from your camera! I'm sure it's going to be awesome.
    Next time add some liquid hickory smoke 🙂

  33. eloisa aguero

    Love full day of eating!!!! 😍😍😍

  34. Laura Filby

    Looking forward to seeing you and Sara on Sunday. What game was Caroline playing? Love to you, All from England.x

  35. Cache Addict-Mel *Mel Stowe

    I got an instapot ( not fancy one. Lol)for Christmas and cant wait to start using it..

  36. Michael Gorman

    Total carbs for the win!!

  37. Krystal Carlson

    Omg. Now I'm hungry. Lol

    Seriously considering getting an instant pot since my sister got us a kitchen appliance for Christmas that we already have. Or maybe I'll go crazy and get that Ninja Foodi. 🤔🤔


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