How the World Eats Avocado | Eswatini, Philippines, Colombia, Guinea-Bissau, Syria


I felt like taking in avocados this week. So let’s check out avocado dishes about the globe.
I located 5 dishes that do not incorporate your a lot more typical guacamoles and avocado toasts.

Recipes in this article:

My beloved picket spoons:
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  1. anne creed

    You make me smile with your reaction to Philippine avocado dessert..proud Filipino here

  2. TravelwithNAM

    Very high in Potassium! 😌

  3. A. Humphries

    I like avocodo with balsamic, lemon juice, tomatoes and sea salt.

  4. Joy Cruz

    try the other version of avocado and milk..

    make the avocado chunks … bite size .. then use fresh milk oe evaporated milk and ice🇵🇭

  5. Azi Van Dulken

    Proud Filipino here, and even though I don't pretty much eat avocados, just put condensed milk on it , I would be finishing all of that

  6. Nevan

    Ugh, you're my new favorite Youtuber
    You are interactive with your subscribers, down to Earth, funny, cute, open minded, and it's so fun watching your videos
    I watch your videos every time I eat cause they make me hungry lel

  7. Nisora

    avocado, banana, cocoa powder, sugar. — all you need for chocolate pudding

  8. LEMON

    Home of condensed milk,PHILIPPINES!🇵🇭
    ✨J A B E T I S is W A V I N G✨

  9. Henry Yandun

    sorry, just needed to say this: Mexico is not in South America, it is part of North America. Great video though, I'm givin' it a like.

  10. Dominika

    4:42 omg polish butter! 😀

  11. Arinda A Raras

    We drink avocado juice. Its my fav juice so far💙

  12. Gelaxel Gelaxel

    Kaya ang hirap mag diet sa philippines eh, kapag may avocado sa bahaygagawing dessert HAHHAHA jk masarap ung avocado na may ice condensed milk or powder milk

  13. Karla Sanchez

    Mexico is not in South America… A little bit of Geography or research doesn't hurt 🤦‍♀️

  14. Lee Hyun

    Avocado + powdered milk + ice 🇵🇭

  15. Sharon Ramasela

    I'm going to try it with condensed milk 😋

  16. Juan Carlos Garcia

    I wanna try Eswatini recipe

  17. Via Max

    Growing up, there was an avocado tree at the back of the house. well neighbour's tree, we would go up to the roof and pick avocados and make it a meryenda/dessert but my grandma would dice it and put milk and sugar if no condensed milk available with ice..

  18. j

    Avocado+brown sugar or powdered milk.

  19. Emmanuel Cadiamat

    Try also to mix powdered Milk together with condensed mill in your Avocado.


    Avocado, sugar and ice should be enough..Masarap

  21. Cj Hope

    Try avocado fruit shake😋😋😋

  22. Abroadero Ako

    I grew up with avocado and sugar, pineapple and salt, raw mango and salt, other fruits and salt. They're so good.

  23. puppielover1212

    In Taiwan we eat avocados cubed and drizzled with minced garlic and soy sauce!


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