Instant Pot Best Ever Beef Stroganoff


Recipe Below!:

Due to an overwhelming need of individuals inquiring me to make a Beef Stroganoff, I’ve last but not least finished it. But it wasn’t a thing I was searching forward to. This is why.
Each individual one Stroganoff recipe I’ve at any time tried has been bland, disappointing and missing in flavor pleasure. I always felt like I was taking in this tasteless, hard meat in a watery, milky sauce draped over noodles that still left me questioning why so quite a few love this dish.
And so if I WAS likely to make a Stroganoff recipe of my possess to honor my readers’ requests, you can be certain that I would established out on a mission to make absolutely sure it was the most flavorful, unforgettable and comforting Beef Stroganoff one has ever tried out. And I am assured to say that I’ve finished just that.
The Stroganoff procedures are re-penned below, are basic and are going to choose your Instant Pot cooking to the up coming level!

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  1. Alex Kokkola

    I just made this last night, loved it. Gave some to my sister, she loved it, her husband loved it, as did my mother and father. This is my favorite dish that I have made of yours. I would buy an instant pot just for this dish.

  2. HNN

    Hey! Could u help me…my steak went kinda hard and not chewy but just it wasnt tasty it was stringy! What did i do wrong…

  3. HNN

    I love your accent!! Loool

  4. Brandon 5150

    I've made this recipe several times. 2 days ago I made a 6-batch of it, portioned it. I freeze the sauce in plastic containers then run water over the bottom till the frozen portion falls out and vacuum seal them individually (sauce only of course). Lasts 6 months. 6 batches made 34 healthy portions and went about 1.75lb chuck per batch so a little heavier on the meat. You can make 3 batches in an 8 quart instapot but I'd recommend making a single or double batch first; saute times will increase with batch size obviously.

  5. Fred Ex

    Boy said “MELDED”

  6. Mrs. Grey

    The secret to add flavor is to add some brandy, or scotch or coniagc

  7. Mary, Party of One

    I made this recipe tonight. I used a conventional pressure cooker, and added a little more cornstarch as I added more wine than called for, and I like it a little thicker, but overall – excellent recipe. I had a dinner guest who said he really liked it a lot, he complimented it three more times as we were out walking dogs after dinner. Thank you so much, Pressure Luck Cooking, for sharing this wonderful recipe with us and sharing your time and energy to demonstrate how to prepare it. You are a blessing, and you ARE appreciated! 🙂

  8. Eye Digress Music

    I've decided this is what I want for dinner on Mother's Day!

  9. Sassy Cat

    Just made this today for my husband's birthday. I cut out the seasoning salt and used salt free butter. It was still a bit saulty. The next time I make it l will cut down on the kosher salt when seasoning the meat. It was still delicious. I used the same pot that was shown in the video. This is a keeper. Thanks 🐱

  10. Michael Cross

    Welp. I just made this for my family. It's the first meal I made in my instapot. It's a big hit! I wish it was a little thicker. May tweak the recipe just a tad for that. But otherwise extremely flavorful and delicious. By the way I purchased a uncut chuck roast and cut it myself. Saved a little cash that way.

  11. Ronald Chimka

    Made this last night in my new Instant Pot Duo Plus 8 quart. Excellent!

  12. Brenda L

    Wow no words

  13. Brenda L

    I have no words

  14. John Harris

    this is the best ever thanks

  15. Sharon

    Trim the fat off the meat!!! I hate fat. I slice my meat… Hint put your meat in the freezer for an hour, it'll slice up really easily.

  16. Tammay Ragan

    Making this right now and why does the cookbook say pressure cook for 20 minutes and your video says 7 minutes?

  17. Plan B- Cathy & Mark

    Every time I make this recipe my husband says it’s to die for!!

  18. Tom Campbell



    "kids wont get wasted" lol

  20. Nadine Glomboski

    Ok, ok, ok! You are redeemed. This is more like it…thank you Jeffery.

  21. Chris Eggert

    I made it with hamburger b4

  22. 5Bazile5

    I was excited to make this until I saw the onion soup mix as an ingredient 😱

  23. Nealzeypoo

    Cloudy water, then you made it wrong


    20210326 – I just made a variation of this Stroganoff tonight. Thank You for your video – It was a huge help. I did use the Lipton's Onion Soup but only 1/2 the bag, and the Dijon Mustard. Gave it a nice subtle kick. You were right… I should have added a full pound of mushrooms ! (Next time for sure). I used Wondra flower for the thickner instead of corn starch. For my first attempt, I think it came out great. Love my Instant Pot. THANKS AGAIN !

  25. MaZEEZaM

    Well its certainly quite different to the original Russian stroganoff, it’s missing paprika which is a key ingredient but it’s better than some of the other ‘stroganoff’ recipes I’ve seen on YouTube.


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