Instant Pot Gumbo


Recipe Here!:

Right after a four-state excursion to The Scintillating South (Cellular, AL Biloxi, MS New Orleans, LA and Pensacola, FL), you can guess that I ate Incredibly properly.

The South has not only some of the greatest delicacies in the U.S., but in the world. It brings together the flavors of the French, Creole and Soul and the outcomes are normally worthy sufficient to set the brass in the finest of jazz bands.

And so it would be silly of me if I returned from a excursion to The South without having cooking up 1 of the greatest Southern Creole dishes of all time: GUMBO!

Not only is this Gumbo heading to be even superior (and faster) to make in the Fast Pot, but it really is heading to be 1 of the finest your lips & mouth ever danced with! Best for a frigid night or a summer’s day!

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  1. Natalie Sohn

    I followed this recipe to the T- and it turned out so delicious. Jefferey, I have made your hot and sour soup, Mac and cheese, chicken and broccoli and now this. I LOVE your recipes, they are to die for. Simple, straight forward and right on point 👌🏼

  2. Michael Cross

    I followed your recipe and it was fantastic. Only problem I ran into was I had fluid spray out even after waiting 10 minutes to do a quick pressure release. I'm thinking you're using an 8 quart pot.


    Tired this recipe on my tractor trailer and it came out great!

    Thanks for the great meal ideas!

  4. Mike Pinjom


  5. Mike Picheca

    We made this as a family tonight following the recipe as best we can – except the green pepper, we used red and we couldn't find the crab boil sauce so put in a can of crab. It tasted fantastic. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Roderick Williams

    didn't have a few ingredients but also added crab legs and lobster tails…rave reviews

  7. Gina Ngan

    Looks good,but sodium in there give you high blood pressure

  8. William Moat

    Heads up for those looking to kick their gumbo (or any creole style dish really) up a notch. USE ZATARANS CREOLE SEASONING. Very hard to find outside of louisiana but worth it IMO.

  9. deyvi hernandez

    Man you are fantastic thanks for your help

  10. Stephanie Gifford


  11. Tom Stoker

    do you know how boring snapping your fingers is?

  12. Chris James

    I love watching you .. I love your personality I have made a lot of things you have made… ..

  13. Marshall Moseley

    I too followed this exactly, except I could not find any Zatarain's crab boil concentrate. It doesn't seem to have suffered for the lack. It was delicious. HOWEVER, it's not clear from the video that this recipe is for the 8 quart Instant Pot. I have the 6 quart Duo, and as my preparation progressed, I realized my Instant Pot was getting very full! It worked, but the when complete the gumbo was about a quarter inch from the top of the pot!

  14. just jake

    Dude…have you not seen Biloxi blues with mathew Broderick?🙂

  15. N. Night

    Ketchup in the gumbo? This is a big world filled with many different opinions…

  16. Michael J Brennan

    Where in Queens? I grew up in Sunnyside.

  17. Man

    No file seasoning. shrimp at the very end no white fish or crab meat and ketchup. This looks like a very good soup. But this isn't a gumbo. Sorry homie youre talented but this isn't gumbo.

  18. Jill H

    Absolutely delish! Thank you!

  19. Rose Loftis

    They also have a ham base in goya's in the mexican aisle

  20. DjCole100

    I have a Ninja Foodi pressure cooker air fryer. bake, deep fry, slow cook and pressure cook. you compared them once.
    baked a wonndeerfull cheesecake yesterday. it went like white on rice. not even a crumb left.

  21. DjCole100

    Also Jerry, please make a Spanish Paella. in your instant pot.

  22. Robert Carron

    Not gumbo

  23. Dee Do

    Made this last week and it was fabulous! Didn't change a thing!

  24. Timothy Harris

    Looks good but slurry not needed the okra and file' will tighten it up

  25. Rae Tass

    I love his vids, but why so much liquid? Sounds like a lot, more than other instant pot recipers?

  26. Katherine Hendrix

    God I miss my deceased brothers Gumbo. This looks amazing though, I'm definitely going to make this once we get the proper weather here in N. California. Thanks for the recipe.

  27. ricky rice

    You’re awesome Jeff. I haven’t made it yet, but I’m going to. Love you. I can’t wait for your second book to come out in March. Hope you and Richard are doing well. Stay safe.

  28. Mary Glover



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