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Here’s a total 7 days of keto and low carb friendly meal alternatives. These effortless keto recipes inspire me to get in the kitchen and prep my weekly meals for pounds decline. I hope this Keto Evening meal Thoughts video clip presents you some evening meal inspiration and will help all those of you who comply with a keto food plan and dwell a keto lifestyle. These minimal carb recipes are ideal for carrying out your weekly keto meal prep and batch cooking.

To start with up, I created some astounding Keto Sesame Chicken Wings. These had been so very good and we already just cannot wait around to make them once more! Upcoming, we tried using a Keto 5 Spice Pork Tenderloin and served it in excess of steamed cauliflower rice. This turned out scrumptious but was really special tasting. The sauce was our favored portion of this recipe! Next, I created a simple and simple keto weeknight food of Cheeseburger Pie. This stored and reheated completely and is a excellent recipe for undertaking food prep ahead of time. And finally, I tried out a variation of Keto Salmon Patties. When these were incredibly budget-friendly and fast and simple to make, they just did not hit the location the same as the types my Momma generally manufactured. My partner loved them and I agree that they tasted superior they just weren’t the southern salmon patties I’m utilised to, so I will be hoping a thing new future time I make them.

Thanks for viewing this week’s keto cooking online video! We hope it gave you some keto evening meal strategies and means to productively abide by a keto diet and stay a keto life-style. Please make positive you are subscribed to continue on seeing weekly keto food stuff strategies and make confident to remark with any speedy and simple keto recipes that you enjoy!

This 7 days we cooked:

00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Keto Sesame Chicken Wings
02:48 – Keto Five Spice Pork Tenderloin
05:03 – Cheeseburger Pie
06:58 – Keto Salmon Patties

🍴Keto Sesame Chicken Wings

🍴Keto Five Spice Pork Tenderloin 5 Spice Blend

🍴Cheeseburger Pie

🍴Keto Salmon Patties

Meat Chopper Higher

Swerve Brown

5 Spice Powder

Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning

Garlic Chili Sauce

Mini Chopper

Sprint Mini Waffle Maker

Solid Iron Skillet Pre-Seasoned

Silicon Cast Iron Skillet Handle

My AirFryer

Food Processor

9X13 Baking Dish

Crock Pot

Spherical Baking Dish

Prompt Pot

Wilton Brownie Pan (so incredible)

More substantial Steam Pot Set

Double Boiler with Steampot

Protein Powder Unflavored

Liquid Aminos

Primal Kitchen Ketchup


My AirPods (I’m obsessed!)

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  1. Richard Beaty

    Your sauce/marinade for the wings went a lot further than mind did; maybe I messed up the measurements or added too much for the marinade portion. Still great, thank you!!!

  2. Rachel Honey

    Hey Suz, omg those wings look lush I may try with thighs as I'm not into wings 😱😂 how do you work out the carbs because 2tbsp (is that 30g?) seems like alot split between 2 people? I'm looking through lots of your videos now as I'm planning for the next few weeks so thank you so much!! Have you thought of putting the main meat/recipe name in your video titles so when people search it may help them find the recipe they want??!! I've seen so many recipes I want to try from your videos but sometimes I struggle to find which one it is. Thanks again for all your ideas ♥️

  3. Jennifer Nelson

    Made the wings today and the kids are saying it’s a “family favorite”. Will try more of your recipes this week

  4. Bettye's Cooking Channel

    I'm getting hungry for some keto food. Everything looks amazing.

  5. Carol Struck

    my nutrional yeast is totally different than that lol

  6. Coco Coco

    Hi I’m a new subbie and I just love your channel and thanks for all the wonderful dinner ideas!😋

  7. Eileen Heaney

    Just subscribed, great recipes!!

  8. MizzRowe

    I just found your channel a week or two ago and I love your Keto videos. They have never come up before in my searches for keto meal prep over the last year. I really like the format and I'm blown away that they always have new foods. Thank you so much. I've binged watched them through the amazon firestick now I need to go thru them on my computer so I can give them all a thumbs up!!!

  9. Brad and Amy

    More yummy recipes! The sesame chicken wings are a must try👍🏼 Thanks, Suz!🍗

  10. Olapeju Adeyemi

    Can you do a fried fish and chips keto video? Thanks for all that you do!

  11. Pop Keto

    It’s been mentioned a few times, but those wings look AMAZING! Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  12. StayCoolKeto

    nice recipes! 👍

  13. Jamie Mccallum

    Hi, what’s happened to your life vlogs? I do love the keto dinner videos but I miss the everyday videos (ie; weight loss journey, grocery hauls, Family life and beauty tips!)

  14. Dana Stewart-Nguyen

    Oooh those wings. 😍 definitely making them this week.

  15. Sandy Ocean

    I never made salmon patties prior to Keto, but I use the one in Southern Keto cookbook and they are delicious! Actually on the menu for tomorrow. The cheeseburger pie looks delicious and reminds me of one I used to make in the pre-Keto days, as well. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Mary'd To Keto

    Those wings look so tremendous!!! Oh my goodness💞

  17. Keto Crush

    I've never had a salmon patty. I imagine that's like a crab cake? Will have to give a go. Keep the content coming!

  18. W Huang

    Lovely looking meals! Yes, five spice tends to be very strong. I use it sparingly, for a subtle background flavor. I don't really like it as the predominating flavor either. Any suggestion for pork rind crumbs substitute? Almond meal, flaxseed meal, coconut flour, or shredded parmesan? Or just leave it out?

  19. Sher De Carmo

    Adore your content and lovely recipes. However, did you meant to use the nutritional yeast as a thickening agent? As you used active yeast which is usually meant for leavening?


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