Woman credits Instant Pot for her nearly 80-pound weight loss


Dr. Jennifer Ashton also weighs in on how taking in residence-cooked meals built all the variation for 1 female who had been struggling to drop lbs ..

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  1. Have and Eat!

    Actually LOL

  2. Jarrod Barkley

    That guy's lisp is painful to listen to. How the hell is he on TV???

  3. kirstie b

    but going out is FUN

  4. Gerlivya

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  5. ST YB

    Julie dawn Olson

  6. Jensen Terry

    With regards to dropping pounds, burning fat is important. If you go hungry, though, you aren't going to shed weight – at least not for very long. After having a lots of research, I made a decision to try The Venus Factor and I'm thankful I did. I was ultimately able to really shed weight – while not going hungry each night! If you want to find out more, all you have to do is go discover the shocking truth on this web-site. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  7. Gerald Roy Panter

    if i only beleived you

  8. EVA Suvop

    Do you ever hate counting calorie intake and attempting to starve yourself when trying to lose weight? Do you lack power the whole day because you are not eating enough? I was just like you in the past! I Then got shrewd and commenced following The Venus Factor diet plan. It was really easy to understand and put in practice. In only a week I was already losing weight. Want to find out more? Go here to read more or watch the video. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  9. Chu Bao Hue

    For anybody who has tried to lose weight and ended up frustrated, I am talking to you! Looking at this video clip I must laugh, because they don't know the truth. Fat loss is actually easy knowing what to do and what To avoid. From The Venus Factor, Dr. Charles describes all you need to know to be able to lose fat and keep it from coming back. Here's his web-site. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  10. Sues Anna

    She was beautiful before and is beautiful now 💋 Great lady.

  11. Dulce Valenzuela

    Best decisions ive ever Made
    1: Jesús Christ lol
    2: Stop Smoking
    3: Buying and instant pot. Im not joking. Has changed my life 100000%

  12. aaron maxim

    Disadvantage is time and effort??? Wtf. It's less time and less effort than 99% of cooking.

  13. Dass e

    She was a cereal fast food eater. I didn't know they serve cereal at McDonald's

  14. Marisol Alvarez

    I just won legal pot yesterday!

  15. Krystle Laughter

    Wow! That's awesome! No excuse.

  16. Krystle Laughter

    Imma need to get me one of these!

  17. Diane Forgione

    The nutritionist told us nothing. What was the meaning of having those cookbooks out with the titles blocked out? They should have given us access to recipes for healthy meals in the instantpot.

  18. PoGirl Shines

    Ah, no. I probably gained weight from mine. Those ribs are so good!!!! Fall off the bone good!!! It's not the pot. Everyone will loose weight if they stop fast food and restaurants. After these became popular the world became fat.

  19. Intika

    This is an ad.

  20. Barbara Gremaud

    I think the doctor should give credit to the fact that the Insta Pot cooks the food so quickly. That's a huge plus.

  21. Sařa Hevesi

    What a clear instant pot commercial lol

  22. popanga 099

    My dumbass read the title and I was like “Woah she lost weight by smoking pot”

  23. Samantha Atkins

    I have an instant pot. It's the same as boiling whatever you put in there. and it may take only 4 mins to cook something but takes 20mins to warm up.

  24. Lisa Nelson

    She looked great the whole time, jerk. Stop body shaming!

  25. Glory M

    Wait not MOTA!!! Instant POT sounded like delivery of weed.

  26. Linda Grossi

    The so called expert should shut up & stop raining on this gal’s parade! America, your diet & food are crap! This gal has nailed it! Cook real food! While you are at it stop downing gallons of soda!

  27. Silentknight

    I gotta get my instant pot out of the cabinet and start using it. Still brand new. Bought it to cook easy healthy vegetarian stuff. Glad it worked out for her and her family. Everyone who has an instant pot seems to love it.

  28. Narcie Hernandez

    I 💓💓💓💓mine

  29. Petty LaBitch

    I feel like she got paid to promote it.

  30. Irish RedBone

    dieticians are neurotic

  31. Katie Devries

    Im guessing I should go invest in 2 of them.

    I honestly am at her point, out of ideas to eat healthy, and the easy factor is what i crave for.

  32. Jeanette Kniebusch

    Shes beautiful heavy or not most people dont still look good heavy.Shes Very pretty

  33. Val Santos

    I’m buying one! This doctor every time she said something it was always followed by a “buuut” don’t listen to her

  34. brilliantatbreakfast

    If the Instant Pot means that there's no more "I don't have time to cook" excuse, that's fine. But there's still the shopping, chopping and prep to do. Don't get me wrong, I think the Instant Pot is great, and even though I'm retired now, I still like it because my range is electric and it saves me money on electricity. But it is not the only way to cook at home when you are short of time.

  35. digital subliminal messages

    S R B
    Because their enemy a.sees people waiting for the change but. Doesn't want people to change c. Haven't forgotten the "90's" either

  36. digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    I forget more these days (besides mind control) because this is where I was getting my political news after Bill Myer ,and they guy from HBO who"got off on rants" (and ohhh I so heRd you) //and the fake news too

  37. Rebecca Oprea

    Never have I ever used an instant pot and I still eat .

  38. Rebecca Oprea

    I smell a commercial for instant pot .


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